Skiing Polish mountains are much smaller than the Alps but they seem to be friendlier than their Southern neighbours, especially […]

Horse Riding

Horse Riding Numerous horse breeding centres throughout Poland, possessing comfortable accommodation facilities, welcome enthusiasts of this sport. Horse riding lessons […]

Biking Tours

Biking Tours Mazurian Lakes – Warsaw – Ojcowski National Park – Częstochowa – Krakow Bike-drive trips are becoming more and […]

Wildlife in Poland

Wildlife in Poland Gdańsk (2) – Słowiński National Park – Mikołajki (1) – Biebrzański National Park (2) – Białowieża (2) […]

Hiking in Poland and Slovakia

Hiking in Poland and Slovakia Krakow – Zakopane – Popradske Pleso – Zakopane – Krakow (7 days) The Tatras are […]

Polish National Parks

Polish National Parks Ojcowski National Park – Pieniński National Park – Tatrzański National Park – Białowieski National Park – Słowiński […]


Birdwatching The Northeast of Poland The Northeast of Poland is one of the very last completely unspoilt European habitats. In […]