Polish mountains are much smaller than the Alps but they seem to be friendlier than their Southern neighbours, especially for those tourists who treat winter holidays as a wonderful recreational adventure rather than as an extreme challenge. For such visitors, the Polish mountains are the best choice: they offer many attractions in addition to winter sports.

Natural snow cover lasts from November till March, creating excellent conditions for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and other disciplines.

As many skiruns are now artificially snowed, the season is even longer. Meanwhile, with lighting on the pistes you can now ski well into evening.

The best and not surprisingly, most popular ski slopes are in the Tatras, Poland’s only alpine range. In the upper parts snow stays till May.


Zakopane, situated at the foot of the Tatras is the winter capital of Poland. Numerous championships and other sporting events are held here as the resort and its environs offer a great number of downhill ski runs (35 km) and skiing facilities. Zakopane attracts both beginners and experienced skiers with its multiple slopes of various levels of difficulty. The best skiing is in the vicinity of Mt. Kasprowy.

  • Total length of ski-runs: 35 km,
  • incl.: easy, medium advanced and FIS-licensed ski-runs,
  • longest ski-run: 7000 m,
  • biggest differences of attitudes: 900 m.
  • Cross country: 50 km.
  • Cable car, funicular, many chair lifts and ski-lifts.
  • Snowboards: yes

Białka Tatrzańska is a popular winter sports centre close to Zakopane. Its gentle slopes are equipped with chair-lifts, ski lifts and picturesque, well prepared ski-runs.

  • Total length of ski–runs: 13 km, incl.: easy and medium ski-runs.
  • Longest ski-run: 1380 m.
  • Chair lifts and ski-lifts.
  • Cross country: 40 km.
  • Snowboards: yes

Beskidy Mountains

Beskidy Mountains don’t have snow for as long as the Tatras, but they have a wide selection of ski-runs. The region of Beskid Śląski is a real treat for downhill skiers, particularly the Szczyrk and Wisła resorts.

Szczyrk is considered to be Poland’s second best ski resort, due to the number and quality of its ski-runs. The chair-lift at Szczyrk brings skiers to summit of Mt Skrzyczne (1257m).

  • Total length of ski-runs: approx. 41 km, incl.: easy, medium, advanced and FIS-licensed ski-runs.
  • Longest ski-run: 5300 m.
  • Chair lifts, ski-lifts.
  • Snowboards: yes

Krynica (Beskid Sądecki) is a newly-developed ski resort. The best conditions for skiing are in the area of Mt. Jaworzyna Krynicka.

  • Total length of ski-runs: 13 km, incl.: easy, medium, advanced and FIS-licensed ski-runs,
  • longest ski-run: 2600 m.
  • Cable car, ski-lifts, funicular.
  • Snowboards: yes

Bieszczady Mountains

The densely wooded mountains in this isolated, rugged southeastern corner of Poland are highly rated for cross-country skiing. The most scenic ski trail leads from Ustrzyki Górne to Mt. Wielka Rawka (1,307 m.) and then along high mountain meadows to Wetlina.

Ustrzyki Dolne and Górne

  • Total length of ski-runs: 10 km incl.: easy, medium, advanced and FIS-licensed ski-runs.
  • Chair lifts, ski-lifts

Sudety Mountains

Sudety Mountains are proud of the ski resorts at Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz in the Karkonosze Range, at Czarna Góra in massif of Mt Śnieżnik, and at Zieleniec in Orlickie Range. Thousands of cross-country skiers take part in the Piasts’ Race, held every year in March in the environs of Szklarska Poręba-Jakuszyce.

Szklarska Poręba is a major centre of winter sports in the Sudety Mountains. The most attractive area for skiers is Mt Szrenica with its Ski Arena and diversified ski runs. Various alpine skiing events take place here.

  • Total length of ski-runs: 18 km, incl.: easy, medium, advanced and FIS-licensed ski-runs
  • Longest ski-run: 4445 m.
  • Cross- country:100km.
  • Chair-lifts, ski-lifts.

Karpacz has recently improved its conditions for skiers and boarders. The annual snowboarding championship for National Cup is held at Karpacz in January.

  • Total length of ski-runs: 10 km, incl.: easy, medium, advanced ski-runs.
  • longest ski-run: 2300 m
  • Cross-country: 21 km
  • Chair-lifts, ski-lifts

Zieleniec is a very popular family skiing centre, where snow holds for a very long time and skiers have more than twenty ski-lifts at their disposal.

  • Total length of ski-runs: 7.3 km

Czarna Góra is a newly developed skiing centre, nestling at the foot of Mt. Śnieżnik which is quickly gaining ground on Zieleniec.

  • Total length of ski-runs: 6,1 km incl.: easy, medium, advanced and FIS-licensed ski-runs.
  • Longest ski-run: 1680 m.
  • Chair-lift, ski-lifts