Lublin and surroundings in 6 days

Youth Tour

DAY 3 – We will start the day with a city tour of Lublin. The sightseeing will include the characteristic points like Lublin Castle with its Tower – an observation desk, the cathedral, the underground route and much more. The Old Town with narrow streets and beautifully restored buildings will provide a memorable experience. After lunch we will visit a nazi German concetration camp in Majdanek. However, Lublin is not only the history. At the end of our tour we will visit the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures – a modern building combining the elements of concrete and glass. We will go to the roof top garden and see the surroundings from the viewing terrace. Overnight in Lublin.

DAY 4 – On this day we will leave the city and get some air and activity in the nature. We will spend the whole day in Nature Recreation Park. It is a huge recreation park (an area of over 10ha) located in Janow Lubelski. There are modern educational laboratories combining active learning about the world with fun. The park was created for people interested in the world.

Knowledge parks:

  • The main subject exposition is called “Zoom on Nature”. The exhibition covers the range of the most interesting information on nature, natural history, the species protected, revealing the natural heritage of nature through modern means of expression. The content of the can, thanks to multimedia, to bring the most important issues in the field of botany and zoology. At the specially designed lenses and cameras, visitors can peer into the unseen to the naked eye secrets of nature. The roof of the building exposition was used as a terrace with benches and a viewing point.
  • “Avifauna and Troposphere” shows the troposphere and the wealth of local birdlife, principles of aerodynamics and unusual atmospheric phenomena. Invited are enthusiasts – ornithologists, naturalists, environmentalists, gardeners, herbalists, photographers, explorers, adventurers and lovers of unusual sensations. It was created for all who want to actively spend their free time and enjoy the sun and nature.
  • “Recycling and Energy” focuses on the topics of energy and recycling. Exhibitions provide information about the different types, sources and uses of energy. The issues refer to specific examples: the construction of hydroelectric power and the mechanisms of action of wind turbines. The second theme of the exposition is to recycle. The aim of the presentation is to show the ideas, methods and ways of recycling and environment-friendly attitudes. Arrangement lab space also refers physically to the idea of ecology. Wall waste, mosaics from recycled glass, installations of recycled items are examples of applied architectural solutions.
  • There is also a rope park consisting of 12 obstacles including Tyrolean wooden tunnels.

Overnight in Lublin.

DAY 5 – We will drive to Zamość. One of the major cultural, educational and tourism centres of the region. Because of the unique architectural and urban Old Town structure it is called “the pearl of the Renaissance”, “city of arcades” and “Padua of the North”. You will visit the belfry, Zamosc Museum, the bastion and the synagogue. Since 1992 Zamosc Old Town is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. After lunch we will drive to nearby Zwierzyniec to visit the brewery, see the process of beer production and taste some local beer. Overnight in Lublin.

DAY 6 – On our last day we will drive to the eastern end of Poland and the European Union. We will explore the wild outskirts while kayaking along the Bug River – the natural border of the EU and one of the wildest, untouched by human, rivers in Europe. On our way back we will shortly visit Sobibor with the monument built to commemorate the victims of the Nazi concentration camp. The camp is known for the successful escape of its prisoners in 1943. Afternoon transfer and overnight in Warsaw.

DAY 7 – Transfer to the airport.

DAY 1 – Arrival in Warsaw. Walking tour presenting the landmarks of Warsaw including the picturesque Old Town with its Market Square, the Barbican, the Royal Castle, the King Sigismund III Vasa Column, museum of the Nobel Prize winner Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Afterwards, imposing building of the Grand Theatre of Opera and Ballet and the Tomb of an Unknown Solider. Overnight in Warsaw.

DAY 2Transfer to Lublin. Stop in a charming town called Kazmierz Dolny located by the Vistula River. One of the most charming towns in Poland, with many monuments and historical buildings. It is also considered a favorite town of artists – many artists have their galleries and workshops here. Worth seeing are: the ruins of the Castle and the Tower, historic houses on the market square as well as the Jewish cemetery based on a breathtaking concept of entering into a grave.  Characteristic of Kazimierz are also numerous loess gorges, which provide an excellent place for walks. After lunch we will cross the Vistula River to visit the ruins of the Gothic – Renaissance castle in Janowiec. If time permits, we will visit the museum of minerals, fossils and meteors and learn how the Earth is built. You will have an opportunity to watch the volcano erupt and get rich from gold panning. Overnight in Lublin.