Kraków - Wieliczka - Pieniny Mountains - Warsaw - Grójec

Agriculture is one of the mainstays of the Polish economy, responsible for approx. 3.5% of GDP (compared to an average of in 1.5 % in the EU). Meanwhile 50% of 1 880 000 Polish farms are subsistence only and a mere 2% are larger than 30 ha. Come and explore the Polish country side and witness a unique moment of transition, as this new member of the EU adapts to the European market regulations while retaining what is best in its traditional methods of farming. This sample program will enable you to review the main issues facing Polish agriculture.

Should you have more specific requirements or wish to concentrate on individual sectors of Polish agriculture (milk producers, pig breeders, horticulturists etc) we will be happy to design an offer according to your client’s wishes and interests.